Tie Dye, Ice Dye DIY Color Kit, Heart Love Edition, Valentines Kit


Make the world more colorful with an Oodlebadoodle Ice Dye Color Kit! * LOVE EDITION *

These kits are perfect for using the ICE DYE method of fabric dyeing but can also be used for traditional tub dyeing too!

Unlock the power of watercolors onto your fabric! This SPECIAL EDITION Oodlebadoodle Color Kit comes in 3 unique recipes that I have designed to ensure your ice dye success! Also special just for this kit, a HEART template and instructions for getting the perfect heart tie dye design. This kit has everything you need for dye success, just add ice, water and the piece you wish to dye. Each kit includes a tote bag that you can customize!

How much can you dye with this kit?

You can make appropriately 3-5 adult tees with one love edition kit. Use less dye for lighter more watercolor patterns, use more dye for brighter, bolder patterns.

The soda ash mix (included in the kit) will make a 2.5 gallon bucket once the water is added and the soda ash mix is reusable for up to one week if the solution is covered.

Each HEART TIE DYE kit contains:

Heart Tie Dye Easy to Follow Instructions

Custom made Heart Template Tool (includes four heart sizes) for making perfect heart patterns (can also be used to cut hearts for appliqué or sewing projects)

(3) Three Fiber Reactive Dye Colors

Washable Marker

Soda Ash Fixer

Rubber Bands (not pictured)

Protective Gloves

Wooden Spoon

100% Cotton Tote for dyeing