About Me: Rebecca Saylor Creator of Oodlebadoodle

Hello Friends! 

I’m Rebecca Saylor Pillow Maker, Watercolor Artist and textile designer and the only employee of my little world of Oodlebadoodle! 


Rebecca Saylor Oodlebadoodle photo by CallMeChristine

I’m on a mission to make the world more colorful and more huggable! 

I began making pillows about 10 years ago as gifts for my coworkers in the corporate world. As an executive recruiter, I got paid to talk to people and I loved giving gifts of things I had hand made!

In the summer of 2017, I had the honor of being the very first artist in residence at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. I designed and constructed a 6’ in diameter huggable anatomical heart pillow. The heart was programmed to beat with an arthymia and hugs to the heart regulated the heart beat. 

the huggable heart civic center San Francisco

It was so great to hear visitor’s stories about love and loss and heart surgeries!! It was a truly magical experience!

Bringing the heart to life inspired me to create other experiences for people to interact with my art and with people around them. To take art off the walls and into your arms. As a watercolorist, I spent the last few years mastering the art of ice dye which is a technique for creating watercolor effects onto fabric. 

Oodlebadoodle photo by CallMeChristine

The basics of ice dye are really easy and fun so I developed special custom color kits to help take the guess work out of choosing colors that won’t turn into mud! 

My plan is to offer new color ways every season so that we can all be constantly inspired to create magical fabrics together. 

Currently, I offer 5 full kits that have nearly everything you need to complete your dye projects and then 8 mini kits that are “just the dye”. I also include a swatch card example so you know what to expect from the colors I’ve chosen in each kit. 

I also make and sell a line of pillow creations for you to hug or send a hug to a loved one! Some of my pillows are based on my watercolor art that I print and then make into huggables, some are hand dyed and sewn one at a time in my studio. 

I recently purchased a Glowforge laser cutter and I’m so excited to bring more materials into my Ooodlebadoodle world! Some of my first projects have been designing and building mini version of Price is Right games :) 

Price is right wheel built on a glowforge

I have a passion for creating and I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a deep creative energy. 

I’m so honored to have worked on so many creative projects in my short time as an artist. Some highlights have been our annual team etsy holiday showcase, summer block parties in Civic Center in San Francisco, and our Friday Farmer’s Market & Bazaar held in UN Plaza - I even got to meet the Mayor! 

As we all navigate through our journey, I hope you will bring some color to your life with an oodlebadoodle creation or kit. 

- Happy Coloring! Rebecca