Colorways Minis - Tie Dye Ice Dye Kit


These mini colorways kits are the perfect addition to my Ice Dye Tie Dye Color kits! They feature 8 exciting curated color profiles that i've tested and know these colors work great together in your tie dye and ice dye projects. These are professional, lightfast and durable dyes (not what you get in the grocery store). 

These mini kits are DYE only

- If you need the whole kit - click here

- If you need soda ash - click here (free shipping!)

All quantities are limited due to limited and out of stock from the manufacturer. I'm opening up my dye stash so you can make magical and ethereal dye patterns on your natural fibers. 

*BONUS* If you want to get all 23 colors - I have created a special colorway kit for that for just $48! nearly 50% off :) 

What's Included:

- Three* colors of dye per colorway (enough dye to color a twin size bedding set)

* Rainbow Circus includes 6 colors but in smaller quantities

- Swatch Card

- Wooden Spoon